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Planning and Zoning


On January 21, 2021, the Town adopted a moratorium on new development permits, approvals, and requests. The only exception to this is for the construction of single-family dwelling units or accessory structures, provided there are no variances or utility extensions, or expansions required. As development pressures increased through 2020, the moratorium was deemed necessary to give the Town time to evaluate available utility capacities and impacts of the increased development requests. Enacting the moratorium and conducting further analysis will ensure staff and elected officials are provided the tools necessary to make sound planning and public infrastructure decisions for the future of the Town.

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Hot Sulphur Springs Zoning Regulations

Title 9 Zoning Regulations, Chapters 1 through 9 of the Hot Sulphur Springs Municipal Code may be viewed in their entirety at the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs Town Hall or by clicking on the button below.  

  • Physical Address: 513 Aspen Street, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451
  • Phone: (970) 726-3933
  • Email:

Hot Sulphur Springs Zoning Map

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The zoning map above of Hot Sulphur Springs is only accurate up to the revision date and should not be used as a legal instrument. It should only be used as a general representation of town zoning.  For the most accurate and applicable zoning details for a specific parcel, please contact the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs Town Office at Additional information can be obtained from Title 9 – Zoning Regulations of the Hot Sulphur Springs Town Code.

2021 Code Assessment

Click here to view the Hot Sulphur Springs 2021 HSS Code Assessment Report

Development Process Guide

This guide is intended to explain the development and review process for the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs. Whether you are a resident looking to apply for a lot variance, or a developer interested in subdividing land, better understanding the process will help with the success of your project. Researching and planning are essential, and this guide provides the most current information to enhance clarity and predictability.

Click here to view the complete Development Process Guide

320 Colorado Street Information

There have been many inquiries about 320 Colorado Street.  This linked memo answers most of these questions.

Longview Addition SubArea Scenarios - Cedar Ave

This multipage map document shows:

  • Longview Addition Parcel Ownership
  • Longview Addition Improvements – existing conditions
  • Longview Addition Improvements – scenario #1
  • Longview Addition Improvements – scenario #2
  • Longview Addition Improvements – scenario #3


East Longview Addition Development Improvements

This multipage map document shows:

  • Longview Block 14 – existing assessment
  • Longview Block 14 – parcel ownership
  • Longview Block 14 – utility layout
  • Longview Block 14 – street vacation/deed info

Publicly Owned Properties Map

Vacant Properties Map