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Apply for a Business License

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If you are starting a business, own a business, or do business in Hot Sulphur Springs, please complete a Town of Hot Sulphur Springs Application for Business License and return it with the $50.00 Business License Yearly Fee to the town clerk at the town hall. The application can be found using the button below. 

Please feel free to confirm with the Town Clerk at the Town Hall of the completeness and accuracy of any documents submitted.

Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

Apply for State of Colorado Sales Tax License

To apply for a State of Colorado Sales Tax License, please visit the Colorado Department of Revenue website.

Business Licensing Municipal Code 

View the Title 3, Business and License Regulations, Chapter 2 Business Licensing of the Hot Sulphur Springs Municipal Code.

Notice to Short-Term Rentals

The state of Colorado has several compliance requirements for all short-term rentals. These are primarily related to lodging and sales tax, which the Colorado Department of Revenue collects. In order to operate short term rental you must:

  • Maintain a state sale tax license through Colorado Department of Revenue.
  • Post the lodging and sales tax rates that will be remitted through the Colorado Department of Revenue.
  • Remit required sales and lodging tax to the Colorado Department of Revenue
  • Additional recommendations are to post state sales tax license number at the residence and in all rental advertising.  State Sales Tax is currently 2.9%.
  • Town of Hot Sulphur Springs would require a business license for all short term rentals.